My wedding photography style is called wedding photojournalism. My method is to follow,not lead, to report the event as I see and find it, and not to make it but to witness the event. A wedding photojournalist is a wedding photographer who takes photographs during a wedding using an alternative method where images are captured spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotion. Wedding photojournalist are consider to be photographic storytellers or documentary photographers of a wedding event. Most wedding photojournalists value shooting techniques that minimize posing and scene manipulation.Their goal is to be as unobtructive as possible while capturing the reality of the event with little interference.They focus on finding  moments during a wedding that happen naturally, rather than setting up portraits. Most wedding photojournalist still provide formal photographs of the couple, wedding party,parents, and immediate families which are created ,often in just 15 minutes or less. I get very motivated on the wedding day and live for the reward of when I see the reactions of the bride, groom and parents to my pictures of the wedding day. I love being a wedding photographer and what I accomplish on the day of the event.  I look forward to doing your wedding in a photojournalism style so that you may fully enjoy your wedding event.



        Carlos Zaldivar