My name is Carlos Zaldivar owner of Carlos Zaldivar photographers. I was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, situated right across the greatest city in the world, New York City. I served for 25 years as a dedicated police officer. For many years however I've possessed this profound passion for photography, specifically wedding photography. Upon retiring from the force I've been wholly engaged in my passion utilizing a style called" wedding photojournalism."  In the past 22 years I have worked for John Agnello photography and Tobias Morgan Creative, both located in New Jersey. The man whom I've most been inspired by in wedding photography has long been The photographer ,Denis Reggie. In April, 2013 I had the great honor of attending the conclave wedding photojournalism workshop by the aforementioned Denis Reggie. I am very grateful to  Denis Reggie for learning so much from a amazing workshop which is ranked the best wedding photojournalism workshop in the world. I am deeply grateful to be on the remarkable journey that involves my passion with the grand step of opening my own business. Perhaps I'll enjoy the privilege of you joining me on this exhilarating experience with your wedding event.